Friday, July 24, 2009

Technical Writer - Career Path

I've always enjoyed working with computers, tweaking them, troubleshooting issues,trying out new softwares etc..Hence i did my bachelors in computer science..However i've found that im not into the whole programming,algorithms stuff..Lately i've been searching for a career option that would enable me to work with computers but not go into the boring programming line..
It's called TECHNICAL WRITING..It involves working extensively with software products and creating the help documentation..The help documentation includes both the online help and the help menus that come inbuilt with the software..It's basically simplifying the complex technical stuff for a layman so that he can navigate and use the software easily..For more information on this line of work refer to the following site :
Don't know if this is for me but it is certainly enlightening to know there are such career options out there..

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