Saturday, July 4, 2009


That's Systems, Applications, Products in data processing..It was developed by SAP AG, a company based in Germany..It's an ERP(enterprise resource planning) software used to manage the various departments in an enterprise..
The modules which may include SD(Sales and Distribution), MM(Materials Management), FI(Financials Accounting), CO(Controlling), HR etc all share a common database..There is thus a presentation server(sapgui.exe), an application server and a database server..SAP uses the ABAP(Advanced Business Application Programming) language..The number and type of modules may vary depending on the industry(IS - Industry Specific)..

SAP started as SAP R/1(Financial accounting system), proceeded to SAP R/2(Mainframe business management) and is now in SAP R/3(client-server distributed architecture)..The cost and time to implement SAP in an industry depends on it's size and complexity..Once implemented it helps in getting real time data processing done..SAP certifications are done in either of the modules and generally takes about a month..

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