Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MM Module - SAP

MM stands for Materials Management. The following steps are involved in purchasing goods and services through the MM module in SAP:
  1. User requirements
  2. Service/Material specification
  3. Purchase Requisition (PR)
  4. PR Release
  5. Request For Quotation (RFQ)
  6. Compare vendor terms
  7. Choose vendor
  8. Purchase Order (PO)
  9. PO Release
  10. Service entry
  11. Service accepted
  12. Invoice Verification
  13. Payment
In the case of goods, steps 10 and 11 are replaced by Goods Receipt (GR).
The vendor can be chosen according to different criterion. Normally L1 method is used whereby the vendor with lowest bid is chosen. Goods to be purchased can be classified into three categories :
  • Revenue expenditure - day to day expenditure
  • Capital expenditure - funds allocated for a new project or maintenance
  • Destined for warehouse - items to be stored in warehouse bins
MRP (Material Requirements Planning) based procurement ensures that shortage of a material item never occurs. MRP maintains three limits for a material, namely safety stock, minimum stock and maximum stock. When th level of an item falls below the minimum stock, MRP automatically generates PR for (maximum stock - minimum stock) numbers of that item.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Useful websites

Laptop technology & reviews
Free software
Video tutorials
  1. ShowMeDo
  1. Ebook Share
Windows XP troubleshooting
  1. Windows Tips
  2. Mera Windows

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guitar exercises : Increasing finger speed

There are 6 strings numbered 6-1 from top to bottom, labelled E A D G B E respectively and 20 frets.A good strumming exercise to increase finger speed is pluck the first 4 frets of 6th string ,then first 4 frets of 5th string and so on upto 1st string.. Then pluck the 2nd,3rd,4th,5th frets of 1st string,then of 2nd string and so on upto 6th string. In this manner proceed upto the last fret..
Also keep practising the scales as regularly as possible..
Now onto a trick to identify chord families. It's the 1st, 4th and 5th chords when taken in alphabetic order(A-G-A..) starting from the main chord..For eg to find the chords in G major family write G A B C D and choose the 1st, 4th n 5th. Thus the chords in G major are G C D..Similarly for A major A B C D E, the chords in the family are A D E..
For more tips refer to the included video on guitar tips by the master himself, Joe Satriani..I've tried his exercises and believe me they are damn effective if you practise on a regular basis..

Containers vs Paravirtualization

Containers virtualize only an OS's operating environment..Paravirtualization virtualizes part of an OS's operating environment but also selectively emulates the hardware devices that a virtualized OS requires..A future technique being considered is known as pre-virtualization which is an automated version of paravirtualization..
Examples :
Containers : Linux -VServer
Paravirtualization: Xen

Paravirtualization is better than containers because containers support only native applications..Also a kernel crash would affect all the users on a container based system..However containers offer better performance in some ways..For further material on this refer to the following link :
Linux and Open Source: Containers vs. Xen: Everyone wins!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Technical Writer - Career Path

I've always enjoyed working with computers, tweaking them, troubleshooting issues,trying out new softwares etc..Hence i did my bachelors in computer science..However i've found that im not into the whole programming,algorithms stuff..Lately i've been searching for a career option that would enable me to work with computers but not go into the boring programming line..
It's called TECHNICAL WRITING..It involves working extensively with software products and creating the help documentation..The help documentation includes both the online help and the help menus that come inbuilt with the software..It's basically simplifying the complex technical stuff for a layman so that he can navigate and use the software easily..For more information on this line of work refer to the following site :
Don't know if this is for me but it is certainly enlightening to know there are such career options out there..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

HP laptop recall

Guys i had a hp laptop 2 yrs old..the display conked out a few months back..jst recently i found out that it was a design flaw..something to do with a faulty fan algorithm that resulted in overheating..hp has released a new bios update to resolve the issue by updating the fan algorithm..so if you have a similar issue do check up on the hp site if your product number is among those eligible for a free repair..
The affected models include :
Hp Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario V3000/V6000 series
Another issue that could occur is wireless adapter not detected in device manager..it's good that hp is giving a free repair..
The following links will help you identify if your laptop is eligible for a free repair :

Saturday, July 4, 2009


That's Systems, Applications, Products in data processing..It was developed by SAP AG, a company based in Germany..It's an ERP(enterprise resource planning) software used to manage the various departments in an enterprise..
The modules which may include SD(Sales and Distribution), MM(Materials Management), FI(Financials Accounting), CO(Controlling), HR etc all share a common database..There is thus a presentation server(sapgui.exe), an application server and a database server..SAP uses the ABAP(Advanced Business Application Programming) language..The number and type of modules may vary depending on the industry(IS - Industry Specific)..

SAP started as SAP R/1(Financial accounting system), proceeded to SAP R/2(Mainframe business management) and is now in SAP R/3(client-server distributed architecture)..The cost and time to implement SAP in an industry depends on it's size and complexity..Once implemented it helps in getting real time data processing done..SAP certifications are done in either of the modules and generally takes about a month..

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